Mission Statement, Values & Vision


OIC Training Academy exists to “help people help themselves” by providing them with quality opportunities to develop the professional skills and attributes necessary to advance personally and professionally.



OIC Training Academy advocates its core skills as critical competencies for student achievement and lifelong learning in today’s global economy. These critical competencies will be supported with identified measurable learning outcomes and integrated into the school’s instruction and activities.

Core Skills
Effective Communication
Information Literacy
Critical Thinking
Participation in Diverse Environments

To ensure the attainment of these core skills, OIC Training Academy has established the following Core Skills Learning Outcomes:

•    Students will organize and express ideas clearly through oral and/or written communication in a manner appropriate for the intended audience.

•    Students will demonstrate appropriate professional behavior in diverse environments.

•    Students will apply the use of technology to access, organize, analyze, and communicate information.

•    Students will apply the basic principles of interpretation and analysis to synthesize information.

•    Students will apply the basic principles of mathematics and/or scientific inquiry to identify, interpret, evaluate, and solve problems.

•    Students will apply the basic principles of individual or group behavior to current and future challenges of working and collaborating with others with respect to diversity.



· Integrity
· Respect
· Creativity and Innovation
· Dedication
· Teamwork
· Professionalism
· Open communication
· Service to community
· Continued learning
· Quality instruction
· Challenging and relevant courses
· Quality student services
· A learning environment that is safe and conducive for continued learning
· Student-centeredness
· Honesty
· Success